• Familiarize yourself with the magazine before submitting work.
  • Past Issues are free and available for download.

All submissions to The Brooklyner must be previously unpublished. (Yes, this includes your blog).

New work to be considered for The Brooklyner must be submitted through our online manager, Submittable, only. We do not accept paper submissions.

Simultaneous submissions will be considered, but please do us the courtesy of informing us promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere. We ask that you wait until you hear back from us before submitting additional pieces for consideration.

We will do our best to respond to your submission within three to six months. After six months, you may inquire about your submission at info@brooklyner.org, with QUERY: SUBMISSION STATUS in the subject line.

At this time, we do not publish genre fiction.

Manuscripts should be 12-point and double-spaced. (Poetry may be single-spaced). Please do not use fun-fonts or festive colors under any circumstances. Really.

All submissions will be considered for publication in print and online, unless expressly stated otherwise. Web publication may include a subsequent appearance in a Web Issue.

Ryan Steadman curates The Brooklyner Art.

AUTHOR RIGHTS: If accepted, The Brooklyner is granted first North American serial, promotional, archival, and non-exclusive anthology (web and/or print) rights. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication. If the selected work is subsequently published in another venue, we ask that The Brooklyner be sourced as first publication.


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The Brooklyner is a team of collaborators with diverse experience – writers, editors, actors, filmmakers, artists – inviting creatives to present stories with whatever they’ve got. We call it mediatelling. Imagine a narrative and use a computer, a camera, a smartphone, a microphone, to aptly communicate that story.